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We're proud to be flavor-free in VC!

Did you know?

Valley City was the first in North Dakota to end the sale of flavored e-liquids used for vaping? 

Show your support for Valley City's restriction on the sale of flavored e-liquids used for vaping. 

How can I help?
Thank you for lending your voice to this important issue!

There are a few ways to show your support...


Willing to help spread the word? 

Stop at CCHD to fill out

a postcard or call Kaitlen at 845-8518 for a stack of postcards. She will deliver to you! 

Ask your friends, family, colleagues, others to sign, too! 

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Coloring Contest!

Are you a parent, caregiver, or family member of a young person? Enter to win our coloring contest! Have them draw themselves doing their favorite flavor-free activity. The winner will have their art published on our next billboard! Due March 1st!


Contest Rules and Details:

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Direct Contact

Our commissioners can be contacted directly by phone, text, or email. We've provided a few examples of messages that could be sent directly. Feel free to personalize or make an original plea. 

Your message can be simple and brief


"I'm (calling/writing/messaging) to support Valley City's restriction on the sale of flavored e-liquids used for vaping. I ask that you reject any proposal seeking to repeal or weaken the ordinance." 

"I'm a (parent/teacher/friend/etc.) and protecting the ordinance matters to me because....." 


  • I care more about the health of our kids than I do about profits from tobacco companies

  • I know that more access to vape products means more kids will start

  • I know flavors are most appealing to kids 

  • I know this policy provides protection for our youth, who are ruthlessly targeted by the tobacco industry 

  • I want Valley City to be the best place in North Dakota to live, work, play, and grow

  • I think policies like this demonstrate our values as a community 

Dewey Magnuson, Commissioner
Phone: (701) 845-8796

Jeff Erickson, Commissioner
Phone: (701) 490-1843

Mike Bishop, Commissioner
Phone: (701) 840-8583

Dick Gulmon, Commissioner
Phone: (701) 490-0078

Dave Carlsrud, President
Phone: (701) 845-8126

Letter of Support

Stop at CCHD to sign a letter of support. Or print here and return to CCHD. This option is especially helpful coming from local businesses, parent groups, organizations, or other groups who want to keep kids safe in VC. 

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