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Harm Reduction

Public Health and harm reduction share the following overlapping principles, (usually in the presence of limited financial resources): 

  • Health protection - protection against infectious diseases and environmental threats 

  • Health improvement - target individual behavior or promote health by education and/or policy change 

  • Healthcare services - provide, analyze and improve/optimize healthcare services; ‘meet people where they’re at’ 


Opportunities for better health. Stigma-free health services for people who use drugs. 

Ropes are tiny strands of different materials, bound together, more and more, getting thicker, intertwined, becoming stronger.

There is a beginning and an end which can twist, knot, form a link, carry a heavy load, cut some slack or be stretched to the limit.  

The Rural Opioid Prevention Education and Support (ROPES) project is a federally and locally funded grant program using evidence-based practices to better serve people affected by Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and the disease of addiction. 

Project Goals: 

  • Prevent and reduce the progression of substance abuse and infectious disease 

  • Reduce the stigma surrounding addiction 

  • Strengthen harm reduction, treatment, and recovery capacity/infrastructure at the community level 

Project Services: 

  • Recovery/Peer Support  

  • Medication Assisted Treatment  

  • Syringe Exchange 

  • Overdose Prevention Education  

  • Rapid Testing for Infectious Disease 

  • Safer Sex Education  

  • Referral to Treatment  

Visit us on Facebook for program hours and additional info: The ROPES Project


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