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Family Planning

Central Valley Health (CVHD) provides regional family planning services, including for Barnes County residents. Appointments are available on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at City-County Health District. Call (701) 252-8130 and ask to be seen in Valley City.  

  • All birth control methods available 

  • STI testing

  • Safer sex education

  • Pregnancy testing and education

  • Health promotion and physical exams

  • Fertility education

  • FREE condoms – no questions asked – available during business hours – just ask our front desk staff


As a collaborating partner, City-County Health District provides limited services on a daily basis. Call (701) 845-8518 to schedule an appointment for:

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP, also known as the morning after pill)

Services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on income and family size. CVHD may file with your health insurance if you have it. Our family planning providers offer CONFIDENTIAL services to individuals of any age regardless of income or ability to pay.  

For more information, visit Central Valley Health District - Family Planning.

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