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Baby Safe Haven


City-County Health District is an approved location for Baby Safe Haven.

North Dakota Baby Safe Haven Law:

Allows a parent (or an agent of the parent with the parent’s consent) who feels they are unable to take care of their infant, to surrender the infant without facing prosecution for abandonment.


Parents are protected under Baby Safe Haven Law if all 4 criteria are met:

  1. The baby must be unharmed.

  2. The baby must be under one year of age.

  3. The baby is left at an approved location.

  4. The baby is given to an on-duty staff member.

Approved Locations:

  • Hospitals

  • Law Enforcement Centers

  • Human Service Zone Offices

  • Local Public Health Units/Offices

    • City-County Health District is an approved location.

  • Long Term Care Facilities

  • Human Service Centers

  • Children's Advocacy Centers

Location closed? Please call 9 1 1.

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