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Substance Use Prevention

Prevention is a proactive approach; creating an environment that promotes the health and well-being of individuals and communities, which prevent problems before they occur. Our substance use prevention programs implement evidence-based strategies in the community to prevent use of all substances. 

What We Do: 

  • Advocate for the use of best practices in preventing substance misuse focused on Alcohol, Opioids, and Tobacco

Parents, community members, and professionals can learn more about prevention and  behavioral health for children and adults at: Parents Lead and the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services.  


Binge drinking among adults in North Dakota is a top public health concern. SPEAKS VOLUMES is a campaign aimed at raising awareness among North Dakota adults on standard drink sizes to help them make better decisions about their alcohol intake. 

Valley City has a long history of proactive prevention and support for the safety of our community. 

Social access is our most persistent issue when it comes to underage drinking in North Dakota. Whether it’s from home, from a friend, or another adult over age 21, alcohol is often far too easy to get. Not in my House is a campaign focused on reducing social access to alcohol by raising awareness about social host liability and related misperceptions surrounding underage drinking. 



Our goals are to: 

  • Reduce misuse of opioid medications 

  • Increase drug take-back locations and utilization in the community 

  • Increase access to overdose prevention education and Narcan 


Naloxone (Narcan) is an antidote to overdose of heroin or other opioid drugs. It works by blocking the effects of opioids in a person’s system, helping to restore breathing. 

Training for Narcan use (in person and virtual) is available through City-County Health.  A free box with 2 doses of Narcan is provided to participants upon completion of training.  If you are interested in being trained or need Narcan replacement, please call 701-845-8518.

Medication Disposal

Take Back Locations:

Unused meds can be deposited in a Take Back container located at these participating locations:

Barnes County Sheriff’s Office,  575 10th Street SW #4 

Valley City Police Department,  216 2nd Avenue NE

Thrifty White, 239 2nd Avenue NW 

​NuCara Pharmacy,  234 Central Avenue N

Central Avenue Health Mart Pharmacy, 323 Central Avenue N #101



Deterra Pouches:

In addition to local drug take-back locations, CCHD offers Deterra bags to the public at no cost.


Deterra Pouches are proven to destroy unwanted or expired medications safely and permanently, making them unavailable for misuse, abuse, and accidental ingestion. Call our office to request: 845-8518.

Deterra Rx Disposal.webp

Screening for Potential Opioid Misuse

We screen all home care and public health clients for potential opioid misuse through the ONE (Opioid and Naloxone Education) Program. ONE provides North Dakota organizations to screen patients prescribed an opioid medication and provide education, resources, and support to ensure safe medication use. 

Tobacco Prevention and Control

Our Tobacco Prevention and Control program follows The Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Best Practices for comprehensive tobacco control programs. 

Our focus is to: 

  • Provide education and information to state and local policy makers and the public regarding current issues in tobacco control. 

  • Assist tobacco users seeking cessation. 

  • Work with local policymakers, businesses and organizations, and schools to develop and adopt tobacco-free policies in the workplace and the community. 

  • Prevent youth initiation to tobacco. 



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