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CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) - Public Health/Home Care

City-County Health District — Valley City, ND 58072

Part-time (10-19 hours/week)



Submit resume to Theresa Will at The position is open until filled.


Acts as an integral member of the public health team and assists in the care of clients in the clinic and/or home setting under physician’s orders, with assignment and supervision provided by the Director of Nursing and agency Registered Nurses.


  1. Holds and maintains licensure as a Certified Nursing Assistant, CNA in the state of North Dakota.

  2. Prior home care experience preferred.


  1. Must have genuine interest and concern for all clients.

  2. Must have a clean and neat appearance.

  3. Must be courteous and kind in manner.

  4. Can work harmoniously and skillfully with other staff members, clients, and their families.

  5. Must be flexible and able to tolerate change or changing demands.

  6. Valid driver’s license and access to a reliable automobile.

  7. Personal protective equipment is available and will be utilized appropriately.


Our public health care team members perform duties in a variety of environments, including travel to and from client homes. The climate is not routinely controlled. Frequently there is exposure to blood, body tissues, and other potentially infectious fluids. There can be exposure to loud and unpleasant noises, unpleasant odors, unclean homes, and dust. May be subject to hostile and emotionally upset clients, family members, or visitors. General office setting in the department facilities, as well as community sites including clients’ homes and workplaces. Work performed in the community is sometimes subject to conditions that range from inclement weather to dangerous conditions such as snow, ice, cold, heat, noise, rain, humidity, vibration, sudden temperature changes, and poor illumination at the job site or due to travel on the job. Travel to and from field locations may subject workers to an increased risk of driving hazards. The worker may be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals, hazardous waste, biological agents, communicable diseases, insects and other disease vectors, and animals through the course of employment. In all settings, employees may occasionally need to relate to members of the public who exhibit challenging, atypical, or hostile behaviors and /or communication.


  1. Able to speak, read, and write in English.

  2. Able to read assignments, directions, and labels.

  3. Able to communicate and respond clearly on the telephone and respond to spoken needs.

  4. The ability to physically transfer, lift, or assist clients whose average weight is 160 pounds with or without the aid of mechanical devices as needed and using appropriate body mechanics.

  5. Able to spend 80% of the work shift standing and/or moving about.

  6. Able to carry full bath basins, trays, and position clients.

  7. Able to walk, climb stairs, stoop, twist, bend, and squat to perform essential job functions.


  1. Able to concentrate on detail with frequent interruptions.

  2. Able to follow, complete, and remember daily routines and requirements.

  3. Able to comprehend and utilize professional education materials.

  4. Able to enact emergency procedures.

  5. Able to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.

  6. Able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.


Must be able to use: adjustable and standard beds, side rails, gait belt, Hoyer lift, scales, thermometers, watch, bathing equipment, water faucets, wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, electric shavers, catheters, bedpans, telephone, computer, and electronic health records.

Our Core Values:

Our public health care team works with clients with varied and diverse backgrounds in an empathetic, non-judgmental, respectful, and professional manner. An individual must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.

Our public health office is open Monday thru Friday. We provide school health services, jail health administration, home health care, W.I.C, Health Tracks visits, family planning services (coordinated thru Stutsman county), substance use prevention programs, tobacco cessation and control, passenger safety, and more.

City-County Health District is the local public health unit serving Barnes County, North Dakota, located in the county seat of Valley City. We have a diverse program offering in addition to our office and home-based nursing services. We serve the entire population, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, religion, or ability to pay.

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