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Join the movement: Take Down Tobacco

City-County Health District is joining other activists across the country on March 31 to take part in the National Day of Action: Take Down Tobacco Day.

Organized nationally by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Take Down Tobacco Day focuses on calling Big Tobacco's bluff and exposing them for who they really are: jokers who gamble with people's lives.

Big Tobacco continues to aggressively market their products to fool another generation into nicotine addiction, especially to youth and vulnerable communities and populations. Take Down Tobacco Day focuses on education and advocacy to end Big Tobacco's reign.

The most recent data from North Dakota's Tobacco Prevention and Control Program for High School students shows:

  • 5.9% currently smoke

  • 21.2% use ENDS

  • 32.7% of ENDS users want to quit

  • 4.3% use smokeless tobacco

  • 2.8% use cigars

For those in Middle School:

  • 3.6% currently smoke

  • 8.2% use ENDS

  • 52.8% of those who have ever used tobacco, report seriously thinking of quitting all tobacco use

  • 1.3% use smokeless tobacco

  • 1.6% use cigars

City-County Health District is working hard in our community to fight back against Big Tobacco and the addictions they create. The introduction of new tobacco products by tobacco companies, including e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products, flavored chewing gum, gummies, and other oral products that contain nicotine, threatens to addict a new generation. Nicotine, regardless of the source, is dangerous for young people.

"Nicotine is harmful to developing brains, and its use during adolescence can disrupt the formation of brain circuits that control attention, learning, and susceptibility to addiction, nicotine can also worsen anxiety symptoms and amplify feelings of depression." said Theresa Will, CCHD Administrator. “Help us end addiction by taking part in Take Down Tobacco March 31."

Youth can access local assistance to quit any commercial tobacco or vaping product at City-County Health District. Kaitlen Lee, RN is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist who can help those who want to quit by developing a quit plan. The quit plan includes preparing for craving and coping with withdrawal symptoms. Call (701) 845-8518 to get started.

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